PSA – Farm materials at Bagryany Astrophysics Enterprise (ANOTOTO A 4 D)

This place is a heaven of lootable stuff.

First off, it's a High Tech settlement, meaning it has lots of rare stuff. There are CMD, 2 x RES (scientific building), 1 PWR and 1 HAB buildings, and all of them are f*cking huge.

Not only that, but most if not all lockers and containers were 100% full of items.

I managed to find Push, Hush, Lazarus goods, Manufacturing Instructions data, all types of Schematics (Vehicle, Suit, Ship, Building) and tons, TONS of more common goods and materials. I had to run to SRV to offload goods from my suit about 10 times, so make sure to park your SRV nearby.

But, be warned, there are tons of people in this settlement, so if you gotta loot it, you have to kill them all. Not only that, but should fight happen, there will be 2 reinforcements, so either prepare carefully or bring friends.

Hope you have fun farming this place!


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