PSA for quickly farming this week’s CG

PSA for anyone looking to farm the commodities materials:

Go to HIP 12099 1 B with a DSS & SRV, scan it for Jameson's crashed Cobra. Land. There will be four scannable data points, position your SRV so that you can scan them all without moving. Hop in your SRV turret, scan the data points.
Relog & repeat until you're full of Adaptive Encryptor Captures (a G5 data mat).

Next, fly to Ray Gateway in Diaguandri and use the mat trader to trade for the CG mats. Alternatively: use Inara to find the nearest mat trader to the CG system, dock there before you fly to Jameson's Cobra, and simply self destruct from the Cobra to instantly respawn in the mat trader system.

Edit: it seems both CG stations have a data trader in them. You can simply dock there before flying to Jameson's Cobra and self destruct right back to the CG. Engaging gameplay.


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