PSA: Secret to faster HGE relog farming…

This one is simple but useful. This assumes you already know how to relog farm HGE's.

So when you relog in to farm an HGE, typically you have to super cruise back to the HGE signal source. Here's the trick to get back to the HGE quickly.

All you need to do is nothing else but activate super cruise when you relog in, and when you reach mostly or full super cruise charge, press tab once to boost so you reach enough speed to enter super cruise. Immediately after entering super cruise, press whatever key you have bound to zero out your speed. You may need to bind a key to do this, but most probably won't as this is a very useful thing to have bound for general usage anyways.

After that, select the HGE signal source in the left panel as you normally would, except with this method you will have never left the super cruise disengage range for the HGE signal source!

All you need to do after that is simply rotate the ship until you are facing the HGE signal source and super cruise assist will automatically drop you out into the HGE. If not using super cruise assist, you can of course just press the disengage button when it pops up.

And there you go. Simple, fast, efficient HGE farming. Now you are free to curse all the time you spent flying back to HGE's.


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