PSA: the current Community Goals are going to pay out huge and can be done in almost any ship

Second PSA: they're also extraordinarily dull. I'm probably going to only be in the top 75% of each because I just can't take it, but if you can, you could walk away with enough cash for a fleet carrier.

F Dev added more tiers. The top payouts are going to be in the billions. You can sign up for both. Both of the module rewards are pretty useless (the kws draws an insane amount of power and the ecm is an ecm). But the money is crazy.

You're donating various grade 1 scan data for these. There's an encoded material trader in both cg stations so you can trade down any high grade data you have. The place you turn in is in the contacts tab. If you need more scan data you can farm Jamesons crash site. Filling up with the high grade data from there will net you thousands of low grade data at the material trader. But that's where it all falls apart. Trading down materials is slow and boring and you need to do oodles of it. Turning in the materials is somehow slower and more boring. I can't stress enough how dull this is. But again, even if you just get into the top 75% you'll be walking away with hundreds of millions of credits.

Minimum ship required to participate: literally anything. You probably have some encoded data stacked up that you can throw at this.

Minimum ship required to farm Jamesons crash site: its 200 light years away or so, so maybe decent jump range, a fuel scoop if you need it, srv is mandatory, if you've never been there before a detailed surface scanner will help you find it. And that's it. Data is stored in your ship and doesn't take up room or anything so any ship should do.


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