r/DotaAnime and Dragon’s Blood release – rule changes and guidelines

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With the release date of Dragon's Blood fast approaching (March 25th) we'd like to unveil r/DotaAnime. Going forward from today, we'll be limiting Dragon's Blood related posts on the main r/dota2 subreddit in favour of keeping the show related content to one subreddit.

The r/DotaAnime subreddit will contain a sticky thread for each release where you can discuss each episode in more depth – spoilers will be allowed in those threads, and also in threads where the text body of the post is marked with spoiler tags.

Going forward there will be a couple of rule changes for r/dota2:


  • Announcements/news posts
  • Details of the show that may affect, or find their way into the game
  • Posts that compare both the game and the Netflix show

Not Allowed

  • Episode discussions (to be kept to the threads on r/DotaAnime)
  • Lore discussions as a result of the show
  • Screenshots with possible spoilers

For both subreddits, posts with spoilers in titles will be removed and severely punished, likewise text in posts without using the spoiler tag.

The reason for these new rules is that although we, and many of you, are excited about seeing the new Netflix show, not everyone is, so we want to keep the subreddit focused on the game, while still enabling discussion about the show on the new subreddit.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/m795ay/rdotaanime_and_dragons_blood_release_rule_changes/

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