racist behavior from dota 2 pro player

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Recently a Beastcoast player and APU Gaming behaved disrespectfully in a public game to such an extent that they were offended with racist insults. One of them, the beastcoast player "K1 hector" called N1ght "serrano" claiming that he is superior due to his trajectory in the competitive scene.

"K1 hector" has been the protagonist on more than one occasion, insulting in a racist way and minimizing other players such as "Sacred", the current Infamous player, calling him "cholo" and "serrano" once again.

These insults are very offensive within the Latin American community and especially in Peru, a country that seeks to eliminate this type of racist behavior, due to its cultural diversity and its Andean origins.

I call on Valve to take action on the matter, sanctioning in an appropriate and exemplary manner these types of behavior especially in professional players in order to have a healthier community free of racism.

K1 Hector – Ursa:


K1 Hector – Lion:


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qpzawe/racist_behavior_from_dota_2_pro_player/

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