Rackham’s Peak Market Crash

Attention all CMDRs!

The market for alcoholic beverages in HIP 58832 has crashed. Wine is selling for 33,000 Beer for 30,000 and Liquor for 51,000.

This is down by almost a factor of 10 from 15 minutes ago where prices were over 270,000 per ton for wine.

If you are on your carrier up to this location you are better off ejecting your product and calling it a loss.

I will update this post after the tick occurs to see if it returns to the public holiday.

I had just begun offloading when this happened.

I hope this saves you time.

For all who wonder this wine trade makes you at most 180m per hour using this wine trade well within frontiers “magic” number. A total of 4.3 billion for a carriers load and 25 hours of work.


Buy in for this is 5.5 Billion for carrier, fuel and a full load of wine.

The trip up is 6 hours, The loading process takes 2-4 hours, The offloading process (In a python) takes almost 8 hours solo, and the return trip is another 6 hours totaling to an entire day at least for the trip in which you make (solo) approximately 4.3 billion credits which when based on the time commitment and overall profits is 140m per hour.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/m3ko1e/rackhams_peak_market_crash/

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