Rampart accidentally confirmed in new Respawn interview?

VG247 just published an interview with Respawn, and this is interesting…

I know that Respawn loves to hide a few easter eggs and secrets in Apex Legends, and this is the first time I haven’t noticed an obvious tease for an upcoming legend. Is there anything hidden in the game right now that fans seem to be unaware of?

JM: Um, let’s see… I think… I think so. Yeah.

Okay. You’re not willing to give me any hints this time?

JM: Well, the things that we normally do when we really start like teasing stuff is when we start ramping up for a new season, at the beginning of a new season most of our cards are on the table. But we love doing that stuff. We’re gonna keep doing it.

CG: I think when you looked at when [spoken: “Rampart” intended: “Revenant”] came into the game, I think that look that young Loba gave you at the end of the trailer was maybe an indicator that she would become a legend someday. We don’t have that this time, we’re closing in on the Loba story at the start of the season. But there might be some small things in the game, we definitely have a lot planned to be teasing our next legend.

Given this is mentioned just after asking about new character teases, and of course we've had Rampart leaked in the past, I think it's an accidental slip-up which confirms Rampart is coming next.

What do you think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gvtsm3/rampart_accidentally_confirmed_in_new_respawn/

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