For the love of god, Minecraft finally gave us an update that we have been waiting for for ages, but the amount of nagging, cynical attitude, and entitlement I have seen from the fanbase is atrocious, I personally like everything that has been added, but that isn’t the point.

NOT ONLY IS THE UPDATE NOT EVEN DONE YET, but ores being changed is a good thing, and its not like the textures they have right now is final.

This update is not something they can tailor to you, I play on BEDROCK, I can’t even mod my game and I understand that what I get from the update is what it is, the fact Java players are whining over something a TEXTURE PACK CAN FIX, is absolutely painful to watch.

You want people to not think the game is just for kids?


The update isn’t for JUST YOU, if you really want something, Mojang said this update is going to be highly subject to feedback, so just tell them, don’t attack them or tell them “this texture makes me want to throw up”.

We don’t want to be the Smash community, these people work hard, very hard, it is through support of the features we LIKE, and a common goal to keep the game going that we change the game for the better, not whining over the texture change of a block that you will never even use to decorate with.

That is all.

Also I voted glow squid, screw you.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/lmt2m0/rant_stop_complaining_over_the_update/

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