Remote Release Flechette Launcher Tested for Surface POI Ground Ops

the IRREGULAR MARKERS usually have some cargo containers a mat or two and perhaps an occupied escape pod.

just tested the launcher on one with an occupied escape pod fearing that it might cause them to be destroyed like they are when i use missiles (and usually the most valuable of the cargo containers too).

to my surprise, once i got a hit that took out 3 of the 5 skimmers, all the other targets on the ground were untouched…. so the Remote Release Flechette Launcher is less likely to damage valuable cargo but is still effective at destroying surface skimmers.

the aim-fire-release mechanic is also interesting when used at the surface because the charge will take a sharp turn at ground level and then just follow the surface… so you can aim short, and watch as it crosses your target, which is better than the normal audio cue (at least to me).

Next, i will try it on LIVE test subjects with shields (volunteers only, of course), and will update this post with my findings.


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