Reset Password Tutorial [Because Frontier reset password form is very badly designed]

I had lost my password and tried to used the forgot password link but it didn't seems to work. You can found other message on internet that say it doesn't work, that it's bugged, etc.

In reality it work, it just very very badly designed because they never show message to tell you what happen.

First, you can find the Forgot password link near the connexion box. Click on it. It will ask you to enter your email and to do a captcha. You will do that, and it will redirect you on the login page. So you will think, this doesn't work, you will click again on the forget password link, and try again and it will always redirect you to the login page. But it reality, it work. It just never tell you it worked. Check your email …

You will probably discovered the elite dangerous reset password email later by yourself anyway. So you will click on the link and … it will redirect you to the forget password page … but that's because you request multiple time to reset password and only the last link you received by email is valid. If you try to click on a previous reset password link, you will be redirected to the forgot password without any message telling you the link had expired ….

So you just have to click to the last link received by mail and you will be asked to choose a new password. If the last link doesn't work, wait a little it might came later.

*So tutorial if you want to reset your password :

→ open the forgot password link

→ fill the form, it will look like it didn't work but it worked [do not resubmit the form]

→ check your email for the reset password link, if it isn't here check your spam / wait 5 minutes

→ click on the received password link [if it doesn't ask you for new password, check if you didn't clicked the link in an old message]


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