Respawn Dev confirms NO new weapon to START Season 5

There will be no new weapon to start out Season 5 of Apex Legends, as confirmed in a tweet by Josh Medina. But it is likely that a new weapon will arrive with one of the mid-season events.

I would anticipate that Respawn will follow the Evo-shield update model, and add the new weapon (rumored to be the VOLG SMG) with a large event.

This is definitely a bummer! King's Canyon looks dope. I'm looking to see if Loba is a new main of mine. And the quests and things like that look pretty sweet! But I'm always wanting new weapons, and honestly wish we had more than just one per season.

What do you all think?

(I didn't see anyone discussing this yet on the sub, so I thought this post would be helpful).


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