Respawn I hope you see this

(I've never had these lag bursts ever until the season 6. and all my other games never lag. AT ALL. They run so smoothly.) Ever since season 6 came out I've been getting this short lag bursts every 30 seconds or so. Sometimes they don't even show up until like 10 minutes into a game. They're not too major but I'm competitive and these lag bursts sometimes mess me up. I don't usually die to it, it's mostly just aggravating. Espically when I try to wall jump on someone, it bursts me forward straight into the wall. If respawn sees this or if anyone can spread the word, can they explain this or fix it? I've never had these lag bursts. I've changed servers, restarted my console, uninstalled and reinstalled. It never works. And like I said, all my games work fine. No lag at all, but when I play apex it lags. Oh and one more thing, respawn, make a cat/dog cosmetic for her little healy drone or I'm suing ! Just kidding xD


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