Screw the NA Clan playoffs because WGNA won’t allow us to play on EU “since it doesn’t give other clans a chance”

Mahou will not be participating in the up coming clan tournament on NA Server. Philx from EU REACHED OUT to MAHOU and offered to get us SCRIMS not tournaments with EU clans whenever we wanted voluntarily of course between 2 parties(in this case between us and any top EU clan). SO if WGEU wanted to, they couldve also reached out to other clans like say BULBA, GIVUP, Y0L0, but as far as we are aware that didn't happen. On top of this, there is absolutely no monetary or prize money on the line from this so we have nothing to gain except to play EU and have some fun. According to Phil we had already had 1 clan interested, in this case was DEVI.

Perfect(MAHOU XO) spent months trying to get a way for NA to fight EU advances, obviously for MAHOU but potentially it could be open for OTHER NA clans later on, since our server is dying and the competition is a joke. We were the ones that initially started to push WG to have cross server tournaments, after last clan campaign, MAHOU got to fight DEVI, and YOUJO got to fight the top APAC clan at the time(Don't recall which clan) So phil had clans lined up and accounts ready but 1984BigBrother(WG guy that is in charge of the competitive side for the NA server) found out and had a fit about it and stopped it from happening. Because of this MAHOU are deciding not to participate. Above are chat logs between Perfect/Philx and Perfect/1984BigBrother for those that care to read.

PS: For those that support "Gives us an unfair advantage", keep in mind, we have been trying for a good while to play EU clans, so any other clan could have literally reached out to EU or 1984BigBrother could have setup something to where more clans on NA could partake in it, rather than just shut it down entirely.


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