Season 6 TTK Spreadsheet With Updated Guns & the New Volt SMG!

You can fine my spread sheet here!

A Couple of Side Notes:

  • This sheet will be updated as new guns and updates role out. So make sure to save it!
  • Anything with a * will have additional text at the bottom explaining more about the gun.
  • As of right now this does not include Shotguns or Snipers. The reason being is that it messes with the numbers and the way the spreadsheet looks, so I'll be making a separate one in the future. This includes the select Havoc, but there is a * telling the stats and TTK.
  • All the information was gathered by counting frames at 120fps to achieve the most accurate data.
  • For now all TTk's will assume a Legend at 200 Health. I am currently working on formulas so you can easily switch between no armor and Red armor. In the mean time I will be putting separate tabs for different health levels.
  • My below statements will be mine and mine alone. I came to my conclusion by looking at the numbers.
  • HS means Head Shots & BS means Body Shots.
  • Today we will mainly be discussing SMGs and their balance.
  • Lastly ENJOY!



R99 – Heirloom

  • TTK: 0.59 (10HS, 1BS), 0.85 (17BS)
  • Damage: 18 per HS, 12 per BS
  • RPM: 1200
  • Fire Mode: Full Auto
  • Ammo: Heirloom

Man this one hurt, right in my soul. Idk why they would put our baby into a care package. That being said when you do pick up the R99 man it feels good. Really good. I don't think they need to do anything to buff or nerf this rn, besides maybe putting it back as a floor weapon.

Alternator – Light

  • TTK: 0.76 (9HS, 0BS), 1.24 (14BS)
  • Damage: 23 per HS, 15 per BS
  • RPM: 680
  • Fire Mode: Full Auto
  • Ammo: Light

I understand that this gun is liked by some people, but it's rough when you know you could have beaten your opponent if you just had a different weapon. What I think they should do to buff this weapon is to up the damage to 18-19 per BS and 26-28 per HS. This would make the HS-TTK around 0.67 with a ratio of (8HS, 0BS) or (6HS, 2 BS), and the BS-TTK around 0.96 – 1.04 while needing 11-12 BS to kill. This will give the Alternator a decent buff so it can compete with other SMGs and it would still keep its unique character. Alternatively, you could put it into the care package and take out the R99. I feel like this would make a majority of the community happy. Maybe even throw on Disruptor rounds to make it more unique and feel more like a care package weapon. However that part is up for debate.

Volt – Energy

  • TTK: 0.64 (8HS, 1BS), 0.97 (13BS)
  • Damage: 24 per HS, 16 per BS
  • RPM: 805
  • Fire Mode: Full Auto
  • Ammo: Energy

This is the new Energy SMG that was released with season 6. It is an amazing and consistent gun, but is it OP? In my opinion and by looking at the sheet I say no. The reason being is because it has a slower fire rate, lower mag, and slower TTK then the other relevant SMGs. That being said, I definitely love this gun. It is very consistent, has a pretty easy recoil patter, doesn't need 100% HS to achieve the best TTK, and has the fastest bullet velocity in the game for SMGs. You could arguably put a 2x scope on this and use it easily as a Hybrid AR/SMG. Love this gun, will definitely be one of my go toos.

Prowler (Select Fire) – Heavy

  • TTK: 0.59 (9HS, 0BS) , 0.95 (14BS)
  • Damage: 23 per HS, 15 per BS
  • RPM: 885
  • Fire Mode: Full Auto
  • Ammo: Heavy

For automatic SMGs the Prowler with Select Fire is arguable one of the best floor weapons now. It has the biggest mag, fastest TTK of all the auto SMGs, has an easy to control recoil pattern, and has a pretty quick RMP. This weapon needs a nerf, simple as that. If they keep the R99 as a care package weapon then this needs to be adjusted. The first thing they could do is bring every mag down by 5. This will make it 15, 20, 25, and 30, bringing it in line with most other guns. However this would make the starting weapon very weak, and very unforgiving. But having a 35 round mag makes it too forgiving, and thus makes it easier to use. They could also bring down the RPMs from 885 to 805, making the TTK around 0.61 HS & 0.97 BS. That would definitely bring it more in like with the new Volt SMG and might be the better option. They could just bring back the R99 as well because that is what balanced this gun out.

Prowler (Burst) – Heavy

  • TTK: 0.52 (9HS, 0BS), 0.90 (14BS)
  • Damage: 23 per HS, 15 per BS
  • RPM: 930
  • Fire Mode: 5-Round Burst
  • Ammo: Heavy

Ahhhhh, the Prowler Burst…. Why did they buff this? This was one of this quickest killing guns in the game, so they made it more reliable and easier to use? I just don't understand. To bring this gun inline I think they just need to reduce the magazine size. But then again it is going to be extremely unforgiving. Since this gun is a burst weapon, if you miss any shots it is going to be more punishing then if you had a full auto gun. so I'm not sure if that is the answer. I'm not sure what needs to be changed for this one, but maybe reverting the recoil would be a good start.



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