Season Quests Details!

Looks like we're getting a new Game Mode! PvE and story-based, pretty cool stuff. Notably, the new Treasure Packs have actual cosmetic rewards attached to them

  • "There are 45 packs to collect this season, and each one can contain Crafting Metals, BattlePass XP, Apex Packs, or the ability to play a new weekly Hunt for the next piece of the artifact"

Finding a pack that contains a Hunt will let you access a new PvE mission, can be done solo or with a squad!

  • "To actually find and recover each missing piece of the relic, you’ll need to get your hands dirty in one of nine weekly Hunts…. These are quick and dangerous incursions into Kings Canyon at Night. You’ll get dropped off, make your way to a target location, recover the piece you’re looking for, and rush to catch your ride home"
  • "Party up and bring your Squad along for some covering fire & companionship, or go in Solo like the Lone Wolf you are. Solo players get a few automatic respawns if they’re knocked out, while squadmates can pick each other up when the going gets tough"
  • "Complete each Hunt to earn your next piece of the artifact, an exclusive Weapon Charm, and a new chapter in the ongoing story of "The Broken Ghost""

FAQ at the bottom of the article, for those who might have missed it:

Q: How many Treasure Packs can I get?A: There are 45 total Treasure Packs to get this season. Every fifth pack unlocks a new Hunt, letting you recover the next piece of the artifact.

Q: How many Treasure Packs can I get each day?A: One! You can pick up at most one a day in any competitive match.

Q: What if I fall behind?A: Treasure Packs can be purchased for 25-ac if you want to catch up*. But this is completely optional.

*Treasure Packs are not purchasable in Belgium.

Q: Can I just buy all 45 Treasure Packs on day 1 of the season?A: No. You can only catch up to yesterday’s number of treasure packs at most. Today’s pack can always be found by playing a match.

Q: How many players can join each Hunt?A: You can play all of the Hunts solo, or with your party. 1 to 3 players.

Q: Can I replay Hunts that I’ve already completed and earned the rewards for?A: Yes, as much as you’d like during Season 5.

Q: What if I wait too long to play this week’s Hunt?A: Once a Hunt is released, you have the entire rest of the Season to play it.

Q: When I play in a Squad, do we all earn the rewards for the Hunt we complete?A: Everyone will earn the rewards for success in a Hunt if they’ve fully unlocked it. That is, if they’ve collected the Treasure Pack for it and have already completed any Hunts that came before.


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