Second iteration of medium tank rebalance is live.

So the second iteration of Medium Rebalance is live and here is the link to the forum post.

I did my own take on them over here if you are too lazy to read through em yourself.

All those changes are additional what happened in iteration 1!

Lastly I just want to quickly summarize what changed and give my cents about em:

First things first:

121 will also be changed sooner or later and other changes will be tested at a later stage for the 430 and 430U

Leopard 1:

Standard stays APCR at 1480m/s, prem ammo gets 323mm of pen at 100m ( not 315mm), both ammo typs loose minimal penetration over distance, better gunhandling during movement and hulltraverse ( from 0.16 to 0.13, comparable to Cent AX)

My opinion -> I always wanted to have less alpha on the leopard 1 and more consistency between shots and a higher shot frequency. Sadly this won't come, BUT I am glad to see that the tank gets much better accuracy during movement! Very important change!


Gets 12 degrees of gundepression with hydrosuspension ( 6 without, 12 with it), Turret gets thicker from THIS to THIS,

reload goes down from 7.3 to 7.1 seconds and gives it new a dpm of 3042 base, second highest in class and lastly they give the standard AP shell 1185m/s shell velocity.

My Opinion -> looking good tbh. Stronger turret, better DPM and 12 degrees of gundepression. It sounds pretty good in my opinion, still we lose the topspeed!

AMX 30B: It stays the same as in Iteration 1:V

So yeah, my quick little look at the changes, let me know what you think and thank you for your attention




Edits: Just some clarification and typos


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