So, based upon WaterGotHim’s most recent video, this is what the next 4 seasons will be looking like in the way of legends.

Don’t read this if you don’t want to know, okay?

Season 7; Valk

Season 8; ???

Season 9; Blisk(?)

Season 10; Horizon

Water didn’t explicitly say that season 9 will be Blisk, but he made it pretty obvious. If it’s not Blisk it MIGHT be Jack Cooper or Ash, but I don’t see it being anybody but Blisk. It could also potentially be the Apex Predator that wasn’t 100% killed off in the game, but it’s just a theory that he’s alive, let alone still in fighting condition, let alone still good enough to get into the apex games.

If Season 8 isn’t Mila, Ash, or a still living Forge, then it’s probably not someone we have heard about yet.

That’s just a bit of an update, I’d highly recommend you go watch Water’s video, it’s quite good in the way of info.


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