Some more detailed explanations on the Chinese community’s anger over the community broadcast issue

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All big Chinese streamers are asked to impose 15-min delay on their TI10 streaming, which is the first time for such restriction on TI. Many streamers protested this by going offline. And many fans are very upset with Perfect World/Valve. Valve's explanation didn't calm the storm either.

Here are a few points to better help you understand what the Chinese community is angry about:

  1. Unlike English and Russian broadcast, the official Chinese TI broadcast is not as good as some community broadcasts (for example, yyf/zhou/longdd/sccc). Watching community broadcasts is the first option for most Chinese fans since forever.
  2. Big Twitch streamers do not have the 15-min delay. Big Chinese streamers receive salaries from platforms, big twitch streamers receive ad revenue from platform. However, one is considered commercial, while the other one is not? This is the most confusing part.
  3. The required 15-min delay has to be set for streaming because there is no delay in DOTATV, which means the streamers can only read chat from 15 mins ago and eliminates all interactions between fans and streamers. Some streamers and most fans said that they are okay with 15-min delay in DOTATV, but 15-min delay in streaming is just non-watchable.

I wrote it quickly during class break. Hope it makes sense to you.


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