Some small info on what’s coming to WoT in November and December + an Easter egg

What's left in November?

We will have all 3 iterations of the Test Server this month:

  • 11th
  • 18th
  • 25th of November

We will get our Well Deserved Reward around the 25th

  • the reward tank will be the Vk. 28.01
  • no info about the other rewards yet

A Marathon will start most probably on the 26th

  • no rumour about exactly which tank it will be

What's coming in December?

  • From 1st of December till 1st of January 2022 we will have the New Year Calender with a different tank on offer each day.
  • 8th of December: Battle Pass ENDS! Pick up every reward on 7th of December.
  • 1.15 will be released during the early month
  • Lootboxes and New Year offensive will arrive during the early month.

Bonus: there is a dead sheep hidden under in a cave on Klondike map in H7. Somebody's living the true introvert life…


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