Some thoughts regarding Talent invitations to TI10

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I am really saddened by the Valve's decision to invite some individuals, and leaving others, more deserving to simply watch it at home.
People like NS, Casper, Versuta who are arguable some of the most famous CIS casters, the people who are passionate about the game, people who love their work and are very involved in the community and growth of the game were left out. These people were at the beginnings of DoTA 2, some of them started in DoTA 1. These are very professional and insightful people who really care about the game and the quality of their work. Unlike some of the people who were invited. 

I'm talking about Igor Link.
Not sure if Valve dug deep enough to understand who the hell this is.

I'm speaking as a person who knows a lot about his content, his intent and his behavior overall. 
He is a very hateful, toxic and overall unpleasant individual who was nothing to do with DoTA for the last 5 years. 
The only involvement with the game he had years ago – taking DoTA Guides from Youtube made by minors (mostly people around 10 to 12 years old with no intent to harm anyone. just sharing their experience with the game and particular hero), he was trolling them, making them look stoopid and sending (not intentionally, but nevertheless) his giant fanbase to attack these poor kids. 

His content was always based around hate, being arrogant, toxic and mostly anything except being a decent human being. I am really saddened by the fact that people like these get the invites. He has no love for the game, or the players at all.

The reason I'm writing this is the backlash he got for being invited, while truly talented and involved people are not. 
His response to the backlash was as toxic as expected.

The first one – his comment under the Youtube video exposing him for who he is and why he had no right to be there. This one just proves my point.

Igor Link's reaction to the backlash. "Morf" youtube channel.

Translation: "This is what DoTA players deserve, nothing more. Even Valve understands that these players are subhuman, why should I bother? While I can just chill for free."

Further more, he got a backlash to this comment, which he also replied.

Igor Link's comment about the backlash.

Short translation: "I wanted to apologize, because I wasn't particular enough. I do really think that DoTA players are trash and subhuman, but I had in mind only ours, CIS community.
I just want to speak to the crybabies and people who don't like me: your opinion does not matter at all.
You can spam reddit, text Gaben, you can gather a rally right before the TI stadium. One thing is certain – I'm coming to TI. My tickets are already bought, business class to be exact. Oh, and by the way, I'll stay at the better hotel, than casters and players. These were mine requirements. Ill be just fine living in a comfort. I'd rather say luxury. I'll definitely make a hotel review afterwards."

There are, of course, more, but i think its enough. There are more replies by him saying the same things: DoTA players are nolifers, subhuman, trash, worthless beings an so forth.

I am stunned by this. How does Valve allow and approve this?

This is the type of behavior that should not be associated with TI. nor Valve at all. This is not okay. Its disrespectful to all the players, casters, pro-players and people who appreciate and love this game.

This man has no love or care for the game, the community, the players. This invite only boosts his ego and gives him something to brag about, while truly deserving people didn't get it. 
He doesn't deserve it. 

Valve, please, reconsider your choice regarding the invites.


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