Space Legs Mission Givers Logic

Mission Objective :

-Turn on the Power at Location

-Put Out Fires


Kill 10 Scavengers.

Here's the power regulator, and the level 3 access you will need to get into the facility.

Mission Objectives completed. Killed 15 Scavengers. Power Reactivated. Fires put out.

Leaving the facility. Anti-Personnel Turrets do not fire upon me to my knowledge. I get into my ship and the Anti-Air Turrets shoot me out of the sky. Mind you all of the mission objectives have been completed. The Facility has been reactivated and the Power regulator is still in the generator.

!!!!! MISSION FAILED !!!! you've been fined 100,000 CR, because the mission is incomplete.

This Logic is ludicrous. I get why some of my friends are refusing to stretch their space legs until some of this has been worked out.

Better Logic: You've been given unrestricted access to the facility at level 3. If such is the case, the turrets should not be shooting at you. They can tell you're an enemy from the sky they can tell whether or not you are an enemy on the ground.


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