Space walk bug when in a friends ship enters warp

As the title states a friend and I have been playing quite a bit of odeyssey and as such have had plenty of time to find bugs one specific bug we've found is that if you board a friends ship and they attempt to warp to another system it will put you in a 60 second long warp screen before it crashes upon loading the game again I was stuck in a spacewalk type experience on foot mode but in space, I had all the full movement but with zero g. Its really cool until you realise youre stuck there. For anyone else exeriencing this bug the only way I've found to fix it is to revert to horizons then back. What our theory is is that the "warp screen" is a loading screen and the game has issues instancing both players back into the same ship on the other side. Has anyone else had this or similar experience?

Tldr:You can enter spacewalk by boarding a friends ship and having them warp to another system.

How to fix:Revert to horizons then back to odeyssey.


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