(Spoiler) in this post I will resume the dialogue of next mission later of crypto’s dialogue (PS I am from Brazil I will try my best)

The next dialogue start with crypto’s trying to explayns herself of the accusations for being revenant spy, he try’s to explain when suddenly caustic appears saying: for destroy the syndicate, caustic says they are working together to later try to destroy the syndicate, crypto’s being the mind and and revenant the brute force, so crypto’s says the in the true it’s caustic, with all this accusations, loba accepting her death by revenant, throws his translocation to fight him, and our boi gibby try’s to make everything back to normal, gibby starts to discussion with caustic while wrath try’s to help Watson because she is never lived the emotion of sadness by a traition, só caustic confess saying he is the traitor because loba knows a lot of secrets of all the legends, he has a fear to everyone know the crimes he do, in this party of the story, the legend just need one piece to finished the artifact, the next dialogue starts with gibby and Bangalore talking about the artifact, Bangalore thinks is the head of the another dimension revenant, later the talk Bangalore try’s to find loba to save her from revenant when she finds loba, she picks a Kraber sniper and hide in the bush, so loba waiting for revenant says: I know you are here, so revenant drops from a tree, so for our surprise revenant says he is here to help, obviously loba doesn’t believe and asks revenant if he thinks she’s dumb so revenant says no and explain in 300 years she was not the first to tried to kill revenant and not the first to bridge snipers Bangalore turn white in the bush, but revenant says loba was the first to locate the revenant mind(the thing in season 5 trailer loba shot) at this point loba starts to believe in revenant: they erased my memories when I die, I doesn’t now I died, for me I’m just a syndicate killing machine, but in the day I killed your parents I saw me as human and recovered all my memories, you are not my slayer loba, you are my savior, tell me when you receive the coordenastes of my mind, I want to was here when I die, after revenant explain, he goes away and Bangalore go out the bush, and our boi gibby calls saying they find the last piece of the artifact and Hammond robotics send a message to loba saying where loba should find then to pick the coordanetes of the revenant mind.

Later the end we have a talk btewen octane and lifeline, they are talking about because the artifact was talking, he says some names: Darion/Duardo

And it’s the end

I hope you all enjoy my text and my trash English


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