[Spoilers] Winking Cat rewards (part 1, Dec 16th-30th)

1. Gift from Worldcraft Theme Park:

Location: Epsilon Eridani -> Major's Mine -> Crashed ship -> Scan settlement comm uplink

Rewards: 10M, Festive Red Flak Launcher and 5B luxury cabin @ Darkes High

2. Gift from Achilles:

Location: Diso -> 5 B -> Crashed Ship -> Scan SRV

Rewards: 10M, AspX Festive Green Paintjob, Green Santa Jumper outfit

3. Gift from The Duvals:

Location: Zeaex -> Irvin's Wreck -> Crashed Ship -> Scan settlement comm uplink

Rewards: 10M, Imperial Courier @ Tryggvason Orbital

Credit goes to dciskey for bringing this to my attention and to DeltaV.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/ri950o/spoilers_winking_cat_rewards_part_1_dec_16th30th/

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