State of the game.

Disclaimer; it's mostly a gripe post.

Here we go again, another frustrating start to an Apex season. New seasons in this game have more bugs than the Amazon and WHY THE HELL DID THEY CHANGE THE ARMOR. I rarely have 200hp in the final circles anymore! I read the notes, the devs want better positioning to win…NO SHIT. THATS WHY MOVEMENT CHARACTERS ARE SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE ON THE TEAM. But no, they reduced the armor across the board without decreasing the time it takes to heal. Not to mention the energy weapons are merking my ass cheeks. I literally prefer the volt over any of the care package weapons. ?!?!?!?!?!

Strategy has no place anymore. Shoot first, win. Apex season 6 in a nutshell. I used to make cool plays to help teammates out. I would portal out a downed a player for a slick revive, or gas cloud a team out of a room. Now I just get scanned by a Bloodhound and slaughtered by a volt.

THERE IS ZERO RECOVERY TIME. If I manage to survive, it takes FOREVER to heal up again and the Volt just fucks me again. G7 is a 3 hit with white armor. I mean seriously??? And ppl have discovered that the Charge rifle can down players quicker because everyone has 175hp.

I'm a diamond player. I'm good, not great. And this has been my main game since season 2. I loved how it played like Halo, encouraged team-plays and characters could take a lot of damage before being downed. I'm losing faith this season. Season 5 was so great and the changes they made for season 6 pulled the rug out from underneath my gameplay.

Changing armor to encourage "better positioning" is a HUGE change for a small goal. Like c'mon. And what's to say that players weren't seeking better positioning before the changes?!? That's the fun part of Apex. Deciding between looting and running or attacking or positioning. These are the decisions we make as players. I don't need respawn encouraging me in a certain direction. Let me play the game. Don't touch the armor.

I realize I've lost my point, but I'm posting this garbage anyways.


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