Subreddit Tweaks


Since the last rule change, we've been closely monitoring the state of the sub and taking note of positive and negative feedback.

Starting today, some changes have gone into effect. We hope for these to be the last major changes for a long while, especially in regards to the rules.


Rules have been updated. I have written a breakdown of changes in each rule for clarity, but instead of making this post a giant wall of text, I'll link it here and anyone interested can take a look.

Post Flairs

Some flairs have been tweaked, and some new flairs have been added. Main changes are that the 'Media' flair has become 3 separate flairs: Clip, Video, Image and a 'New Player' flair has been added. Also note, the 'Humor' flair was removed as it was overwhelmingly misused. These flair changes should make filtering by flair a more targeted experience. Filtering by 'New Player' and helping people out, for example. Or hiding New Player posts completely if you can't be bothered.

User Flairs

The PPSH and the 1911 have been added as user flairs.

General Information

It's been noted that we aren't doing well in the information department. We are nixing the daily new player thread and instead keeping the most current patchnotes stickied for the duration of the patch. We will update the thread with changes brought by smaller hotfixes and replace it with a fresh post as needed. The thread will be clearly titled and will serve as the bug report thread as well. The sidebar has also been updated to provide more information up front for people curious about the game and want to look into it further.


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