The Bug We Believe is Norm – One of the Biggest Issues that has plagued this Game since launch Has yet to be addressed by Respawn – Muzzle Flash

Training Mode

Muzzle flash obscures vision

Multiplayer Mode

Muzzle flash blinds vision

Just putting this out there this morning in case any Devs bats an eye to this post, however;

Will be making a post on muzzle flash comparison today after work. Cause it really seems like I'm the only person that has noticed the difference between the two and why I believe it's a bug. Because in no games history was a muzzle flash so OP.

Black Ops IV had ridiculous muzzle flash on release, but not at this extent, and the devs patched it within it's first two months.

Apex Legends Multiplayer muzzle flash has been ridiculously OP since launch, yet Training Mode Muzzle flash is decently obscuring your vision yet not enough where you can not see your targets


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