The hop-up changes in Season 3

So if any of you guys watched the videos of the Game Changers that played the new map already, you might have heard about the hop-up changes coming with the new season.


My info comes mostly from this video from JackFrags.

So at long last the Disruptor rounds and the Skullpiercer hop-ups are gone. And 2 new hop-ups have arrived: the Anvil Receiver for the R-301 and the Flatline, and the Double tap trigger for the G7 and the Eva-8.

The Anvil receiver will boost your single-fire damage, but at a reduced fire rate and increased ammo cost. It will cost 2 ammo per shot if you fire it in single-fire mode. From the looks of it you can still use the full-auto mode like you used to.
And in the video you could see that the R-301 bullets were red when the hop-up was attached, and I asume the same will go for the Flatline bullets.

The Double tap trigger will let you fire 2 shots per trigger pull in rapid succesion, and will be usable for the Eva-8 and the G7. Personaly I will probably just miss 2 shots per shot with the G7 instead of 1 now, but the hop-up on the Eva-8 will most likely shred anyone at close range.

With these changes the weapons with no hop-ups include the new Charge rifle (which is a normal weapon, instead of being a care package weapon), the care package weapons, the R-99, the longbow and the wingman (which both lost their Skullpiercer now), the Spitfire and the Hemlock.

I hope I didnt forget anything, and I might have missed some additional info, so please let me know if I have to correct something and I will get on it ASAP.


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