The inventory and item dilemma.

Every item added so far in 1.17.

Its no secret that 1.17 is gonna be a massive update to generation, but what I and a lot of other players did not expect is how many items and blocks they would be adding. The update is still 4-5 months away, and we already have 98 new items (not including spawn eggs). With the ever expanding collection of items, do shulker boxes and chest cut it anymore?

The nether update was also massive, adding 76 new items (excluding mob spawn eggs). That's a total of 174 new items and blocks, with only the bundle to compensate for this massive amount of items.

Now the bundle is a great addition for the items you collect small amounts of every so often, like the foliage from lush caves and the nether warped and crimson plants, but what about when you want to collect large amounts of these? They quickly fill your inventory, and storage is even more complicated as you need so many chests to somewhat organize the insane amount of items. Lets not forget smaller/single stack size items like enchanted books, potions… these clog up your inventory extremely fast and bundles don't fix this issue either.

This inventory overload issue has been around since 1.7, and has only gotten worse with each update adding over 50 new items.


An actual Backpack Item, that the player can wear to increase the number of inventory slots. These increased inventory slots would allow builders to be able to build with less trips to their base, and allow explorers to bring home more loot. Trade off, less protection.

Utility Item Slots, such as a place to store arrows with a quiver, potion slots, additional slot for shield to free up offhand… Reduce the amount of space these items take up in your inventory to open up more room for other items.

Increase Player Inventory Slots (picture is obviously overdoing it), but even an additional row or two would give the player a lot more room to work with.

Enhancements to the existing storage items, ability to see items in shulkers, ability siphon and refill shulkers automatically… (these should also apply to bundles). Making the existing storage items better is a viable solution.

I'm not a genius or anything, but I think minecrafts inventory issue needs to be addressed eventually and hopefully this sparks some discussion.


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