The people who have a Problem with Solo are the same people who had no problem with Elite Queue.

For literally the exact same reasons that you people are claiming to not like solos, why were all of you miraculously silent when Elite Queue was a thing?'

Elite Queue TOOK 3 times as many players out of the normal game queue.

Elite queue was horribly unbalanced, Elite queue led to a series of nerfs to Certain legends and most of all Zone damage.

Why was nobody complaining about Elite Queue back then? Why is nobody talking about it now?

You people keep saying that Solos will 'increase queue times' but Elite queue literally removes 3 times as many players from the main Queue…..

so at this point ive concluded that people who are against solos are either selfish, ignorant, or just using good ole cognitive dissonance, or a mix of the 3.

Theres no way in hell you guys can sit there and say this crap.

And Most of you even participated in Elite Queue.

Sorry for English isn't my first language. So if there's errors excuse me.


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