The servers slow/down | The servers ate my kit |I hate the Queue | The launcher is bugged and I got nothing better to do than REEEEEEE on the subreddit megathread.

Dear players,

Our servers are currently overloaded, but this is not related to the Twitch Drops event we're running. On the release of Patch 0.12.12 we had more CCU and the backend was more overloaded than now.

Some issues show themselves only under heavy load (like the one we're currently experiencing) and "buying more servers" won't fix these issues. Such heavy load occurs during prime time only and it's been far heavier than one or two years ago, as the game became more complex.

We are working on identifying the nature of these issues and on how to lower the chanсe of them happening in the future. Our methods include replacing hardware, eliminating unstable nodes and adding changes to the software, for example a temporary queue system and different kinds of backend optimizations.

The queuing mechanism in the launcher has been introduced in order to prevent the backend servers from overloading and avoid game-related issues resulting from that overload. This is a temporary solution. We are working to reduce queues as soon as possible and our goal is to eliminate them completely.

Our team will continue to work during the holidays until we resolve these issues.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience and support.

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