The ultimate guide on how to deal with/hunt solo gankers

"Gankers hate him, learn how with this one simple trick"

Have you ever felt frustrated at gankers? Have you ever wished for revenge but were always too powerless to do anything? Fret not. For with this guide, you will learn how to hunt any solo ganker with absolutely minimal skill. But how do you beat something that seeks combat and will just come back when you kill it? Well, here is what you need:

-Any agile/fast ship

-2+ Chaff launcers

-Best A ranked shields you can buy

-As many shield boosters you can buy

-Beam lasers with thermal shock

-An FSD interdictor


You have them? Good. But you may say "that looks like a shit build for PvP". But let me finish. Now for the juicy part: Go an event system because all of the gankers are there. Now find the ganker. You see him? Its that FDL interdicting the newb with the T-6. Now after he is finished with that let him interdict you or interdict him. Now,put 3 pips at SYS and 3 at ENG, go FA off and start flying around like an idiot (Edit:Take evasive maneuvers and try to move as unpredictabily as possible. Try to move in non-linear ways relative to the ganker) . Most of these guys exclusively use PAs and Railguns, so they will have a really hard time hitting you. If they have gimballed weapons, start using your chaffs. Every once in a while you may put one pip on WEP and shoot him untl he activates his chaff/heatsink. You will not deal much damage but this will overheat him, especially if he uses railguns and PAs. Keep that up for as long as possible. Eventually one of these three will happen:

A) He will run out of ammo

B) He will burn all his modules

C) You will have almost no shields left

If your shields are almost out, keep spinning around him while booting up your supercruise. This may take a while but dont worry, the ganker may hit you only once or twice without shields. Once you are in supercruise, immediately turn around towards where you supercruised away from (If you have low hull select any system and jump there ASAP). Now you will soon see the ganker in supercruise. Try to look directly towards him as much as possible, because he will try to interdict you. Maintain that until your shields are back up. Now repeat the same process as before.

Now, after a while the ganker will grow tired of you and look for another victim. Good. This is where the real fun begins. Let him roam around supercruise for a bit and stalk him. Has he almost arrived at the combat zone where another player dropped? Interdict him. Has he almost reached his carrier/station to restock? Interdict him. Has he found a juicy T-9 to blow up? Interdict him. And in all cases you will do the exact same thing: Fly around pointlessly while poking him.

If he manages to go to a station, go there with him! Repair, restock and stand in front of him while spinning around! This is called psychological warfare and establishes that you are superior because he cant do anything to you.

Now lets hear some gankers opinions on this revolutionary strat:

"You feeling funny?"

"You actually going to do something?"

"Are you stalking me?"


"Stop this"

"Are you really having fun doing this?" (The irony)

You will receive anything from pleads to racial slurs. I play on PS4 so i imagine the PC chat will be much more… "Colorful". And remember: These people had no problem wasting your time, credits, and hard work. Why should you feel bad for wasting just one of them?


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