The worst part of Elite Dangerous so far (Made two friends quit)

Being new (My friends were in asp explorers, I'm in a well fitted python) the worst, least explained, mostly terrible time waste in the game so far are these stupid guardian missions.

They throw you in a shitty buggy in the worst possible planets with no ammo and no explanation about how to get it. Then give you a timer and seemingly unlimited bad guys that can throw missiles at you from across the planet while you have enough ammo to take out maybe 3 and raise the pylons. It's like they want you to just give up and quit. This of course after you fly in circles for 45 minutes looking for a place to land.

By the time I figured out how to call my ship back because it just took off on me (out of ammo, trying to run from the constant missile barrage while googling "where the fuck did my ship go" on my phone) I was at 8% hull in my stupid buggy before getting my ship back.

Not to mention it's a hell of a hike (1,000+ Ly away) in a system that is bugged out any time you try to enter super speed. Took me a day to figure out I had to jump out of it directly in to another system. Before that I was just waiting days for frontier to not get back to my ticket.

I know this game is not been newbie friendly but holy heck, everything is stacked against you on these unless you understand everything in the game. There is not tutorial, just some random guys on YouTube that expect you to already know everything about the game.

Just had to rant. Also I'm sad my buddies that tried this and failed twice just uninstalled the game. Now I'm a solo player.


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