The Wraith Event is also introducing 6 legendary items into the general lootpool

In-case I worded that wierdly what I mean is along side all the stuff shown in the post 6 new legendary items will be added to the loot pool once the event starts; they aren't limited time, you can craft them with materials, and can be found in the regular loot boxes. Although they will also be avalible from the Direct Purchase Store

Here is what the post from the website says about it:

In addition to these cosmetics, we are adding six new legendary items to the core loot pool which can be crafted or obtained through packs. As a limited event promotion, each of these items will also receive a first look offer in the direct purchase store.

Just wanted to make this post because that part was pretty easy to miss. It didn't specify what the items were though so it could be anything whether that be finishers, frames, weapon skins, or legendary skins.


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