TI Closed Qualifiers Format

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  • TI quals will be a bo3 double-elimination bracket with a bo5 finals.

  • Seeding follows the overall DPC point standings.

  • Ties will be decided based on DPC league standings with the exception of Division 1 relegation/Division 2 promotion teams who are ranked as:

    • 1) 1st place Division 2
    • 2) 7th place Division 1
    • 3) 2nd place Division 2
    • 4) 8th place Division 1
  • Bottom seeds will be byes in cases where some teams are directly invited.

    • i.e. in NA Undying will be seed 1 with seeds 15 & 16 remaining empty giving a free win to The Cut & probably Arkosh.

Courtesy of Sheever at the end of the Dreamleague panel.

Edit: updated with official info courtesy of Icefrog Bruno.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/nimqxu/ti_closed_qualifiers_format/

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