Tip for new-ish players: You can get 1.4 mil Cr from the current CG for a single kill

Since they upped the rewards for the current Community Goal (CG), even the top 100% get at least 1,400,000 Cr. Might be more if we make it to the next tier. All you need to do is hand in a single bounty at the CG Station.
I'd do it like this:

  • Go to System "Luyten's Star"
  • Go to one of the resource extraction sites (Low)
  • Find a harmless sidewinder or something you can take on, make sure it says WANTED after you have scanned them and blow it up
  • Or, for even less work, follow around the cops and wait for them to engage a wanted target. Land a couple of hits on that target before it dies and you will get full credit for it as well
  • Travel to the neighbouring System "Sirius" and dock at "Spirit of Laelaps"
  • Sign up for the community goal first!
  • Hand in your bounty

And that's it. After the CG is finished, it'll say where you can pick up your hard earned cash in the transaction tab (probably at Luyten's star, I guess?).

You have 30 hours from the creation of this post until the CG finishes.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lwg6r4/tip_for_newish_players_you_can_get_14_mil_cr_from/

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