Tips for any console miner – how to identify core asteroids

Hello commanders! If you are having trouble identifying core asteroids, I can give you some good advice that has helped me find a core asteroid in about 6 minutes.

-First off, fly away from the asteroids, not in between them as if you were laser mining.

-A distance of about 5km would be ideal, the objective is not to be mass locked while still being able to scan the asteroids.

-Scan the asteroids and look for specific tells. Mainly:
•Don’t go to the ones that may seem too small
•Don’t go to the ones that shine brightly (not excessively so) only because they’re directly above you

-To identify a core asteroid, you must look for the ones that shine as much as the closest ones to your ship (basically the ones in “first row”) while being further behind (in the “second” or “third row”).
Potato shaped and kind of long ones are the most common to be core asteroids.

-Once you either find a core asteroid and mine it or discard one as not being a core. You should go up again to the same 5km distance, not search the nearby asteroids.

I hope these actually help someone. Godspeed and good luck!


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