TITANFALL 2 free on PSN if anyone hasn’t been informed yet!

Hello fellow legends, just in case anyone didn’t know, Titanfall 2 is free with PS+ right now. And I wanted to tell everyone so there could be even more of a resurgence than there already has been.

All prices of skins for weapons and titans alike has been reduced by at least 50% across the board as well. so for around $1.50 some of the coolest skins in the game are available. Compared to the average price tag of $18 over in the apex store.

I’ve been trying to tell people about this game for like 3 years now, and my friends on PSN have really been enjoying it since it was made free, and I’m sure you all will as well.

So if your tired of RNG, SBMM, lag spikes, and dying four seconds into a match because one of your squad disconnected while loading in, and your jump master is going to cap city, again, then come and give Titanfall a try.

We’ve got 60fps silky smooth gameplay, a faster more fulfilling progression rate that costs absolutely $0, some great skins for your favorite Weapons in apex (as most of them are from this game anyways), giant murderous death machines that you summon from the sky, a horde mode, varied gameplay modes, executions galore (for the titans and the pilots), and so much more that many people missed when this game launched and that was a damn shame because this game is phenomenal.

So come try Titanfall! I mean it’s free and I can’t vouch for this game enough.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e8ywzw/titanfall_2_free_on_psn_if_anyone_hasnt_been/

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