Today’s events since some of you are unaware

Probably you will find a better explanation in youtube, I'll try my best at the r/luisexplains style

In the prologue loba gather all the legends, except revenant, in Mirage's bar, paradise lounge, to tell them about the avengers initiative a quest to find pieces of an artifact, wich she refuses to share more details, in exchange for some favors. She describes that Kings Canyon Beta is a parallel universe to where they can travel to by Wraith's portals and says that Revenant can't know because if he finds out he could get too powerfull. Finally describe how everyone is usefull to her quest

Then she reveals that she knows things about the legends, things that no one is supposed to know; like Mirage's mother illness, Lifeline's relationship with her parents and even that caustic is actually innocent, at least for the incident in Humber labs.

The prologue ends telling us that someone is sneakly telling revenant what they are on

Chapter 1 is told from Mirage's perspective. After the first travel to the KCB The legends are in the lounge discussing about Loba, Bangalore feels specialy hostil about her, that she doesn't trust her, Crypto says that the piece seems to be a energy source… eventually she says that she heard someone named Yoko talking with Loba, casually octane has a date with someone also named Yoko. Bangalore says that he must go and get some information from her but Lifeline doesn't like too much that idea. Mirage jokes with wraith, he, lifeline and Caustic say that they are intrigued about Loba knowledge

Chapter 2 is told by wraith POV. She is spying Octane's date while the others are in KCB fighting prowlers and Mirage is annoying her trough the radio. In the date Octane asks Yoko for some information, – but sudenly Mirage calls Wraith, then Wraith goes for octane to take him out of the date. WATTSON GOT REALLY INJURED. In the lounge, Wattson is in a bed with Caustic next to her, pathfider tells that something went wrong, Loba says that she (Wattson) will be ok, the important is the artifact but Caustic take her by the throat and threat her that if Wattson's healt worsen, he will "desfigurate you so bad you will beg me for killl you "

He goes out of the room and Wrait asks Loba if the artifact is worth the danger, she says yes, and then revenant, who has been in the roof for a while maybe, surprise them. Wraith thinks that it's the worst situation possible.

That's it so far

TL;DR Loba wants to travel to a parallel universe to find an artifact, behind revenant back, some legends dont trust here. Wattson got injured in one of the missions, Caustic is angry, Revenant finds out about the plot


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