Turn big ships easily, how did I never figure this out?

So going to the cg with my anaconda, and handing in resources for cash, I started paying attention to system chat. Someone causally makes an offhand remark about deploying landing gear right after a boost can really help with the big boats turn better.

Now, I've been playing since launch. I don't use a docking computer. I know about & use FA off maneuvers with a boost to change direction quick in battle. But this was something I'd never heard of. It absolutely made sense though and I was certainly flying the right ship, so I tested it. Holy shit, cmdrs. I don't imagine this will affect smaller ships much, but for those of us sailing space barges it's absolutely worth getting the hang of.

I still use it in conjunction with fa off, but I think even staying in FA it's good.

My test cases were simple, in case anyone is wondering. Despite my best efforts I don't always drop from SC facing the mailslot. When this happens, I boost towards the "zone" (imagine the slot emitting light straight outwards, and that's the zone). Once my ship is boosting towards the zone, I turn FA Off throttle down and angle my nose such that once I cross the zone, I'll be aligned properly. Normally I'd click FA on, throttle up and boost, but now, I do FA-On > Boost & throttle > landing gear down.

Upon getting back to the CG I sounded off in chat to thank this commander. They were no longer there, but a couple of people chimed in that they had also never heard of this, so I figured it was worth sharing.

Wishing you all the tightest of turns, cmdrs


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/rzok93/turn_big_ships_easily_how_did_i_never_figure_this/

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