Twitch prime Care Package is Scam.

If you have amazon prime you are able too claim twitch loot. The wot care package includes every month premium tanks which you can test 10 days, get a discount and not listed in the wot shop without Prime (at the same time). I am already Premium user in Wot. It is completly fine that prime users can get a discount and other stuff.

What is even the point of Twitch prime example on the IS3a. (i dont know the normal price but probably around 40$)

40$ and you get a 15% discount you save 6$. Twitch prime cost only 5$.

I dont care about the discount, just give premium wot player the chance to buy the same tanks per month for the Full price (without 15% discount) 10 days. Nobody wants the trash skin either.

WG would even make more money when they sell at the same time the tanks in premium shop for the full price without prime.



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