Unfortunately Enhanced Tracking does not appear to affect profile cloning distance.

I was fortunate enough to find a G2 Maverick with enhanced tracking on it and tested out whether it increased the distance for profile cloning vs a Maverick without the mod. What I found was that either it did not, or that even if there WAS some amount of increase, I still needed to get close enough that there was functionally no advantage, which means that this mod is a total waste of a suit slot and nobody should bother with it.

The description mentions the suit's "Basic Scan Function" so that could mean it just affects the regular identification function. While this could be useful when on assassination missions for finding your target, the downside is that it is Line Of Sight (LOS) only and you can just circumvent the whole looking for your target manually by getting out in an SRV in the settlement and cycling through targets using your turret till you find the mission target.

A bit of a pity here, I had been planning to build a true "Covert Ops Suit" with Enhance tracking, Quiet footsteps, Improved jump and night vision. That would make taking the covert missions more fun/smoother. But because enhanced tracking is useless, there isn't a point to it except with the quieter footsteps.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/nt3mq2/unfortunately_enhanced_tracking_does_not_appear/

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