WG Crew 2.0 Developer Q&A.

This was translated from Russian, to English. I am not a professional translator, I am just doing this to get information out to you guys. I take no credit for this. This Q&A was done by Igor Svetikov(main designer of crew 2.0, and game design lead), and Yuri Filippovskiy(head of game balance).

Source: https://wotexpress.info/news/world-of-tanks/otkrovennye-otvety-razrabotchikov-pro-ekipazh-20-w/

  • The reason why there is no ability to reset your instructors is because they didn't have time to finish the coding to reset the instructors before the 2.0 test. It would have delayed the test, so they're looking to add this as a feature later.

  • On the same note of instructors being reset, they want instructors to be a valuable resource in short supply, so they might not end up adding the instructor reset to the game, and if they do it will have a fee. They don't want everyone to have 100 instructors at the start of crew 2.0

  • If players have the ability to change instructors at will, even within the same nation, it reduces the need for more instructors.

  • Instructors were created for 2.0 to prevent players from losing all the unique crew members they have earned/purchased over the years. While at the same time they are created as a monetization component. Instructors will continue to be distributed through means like Battlepass, LBZ(I think this means campaigns like t55a/260, etc), and through tank purchases. In all the same ways we used to get unique crew members.

  • According to the devs, crew skins will become more valuable(I assume this means crew skins will cost more gold, because you only need 1 now?).

  • The number of dislikes on the youtube video is NOT an indicator of how much the players dislike crew 2.0. Decisions about crew 2.0, will ONLY be made after polling the players who have actually tested the mode themselves from the sandbox. Also according to the opinions on the forums at the moment, comments are generally POSITIVE. Most players disliked crew 2.0 without testing the changes at all. The past has shown that players who like changes generally aren't vocal about it, compared to players who dislike something are often vocal.(This means if you truly think you will dislike crew 2.0, you had better actually go test it, and fill in the feedback honestly).

  • The perk that lowers the RNG(I think they're talking about "concentration" skill that lowers RNG to +-20%) was done as an experiment, and because the players requested less RNG. RNG in the game is good(the developers opinion).

  • If artillery statistics drop after Crew 2.0 they will make changes, after the fact.

  • There will be no special perks for artillery.

  • Crew 2.0 will be refined and evolved after initial release.

  • IMPORTANT! All crew members that you don't convert after the release of Crew 2.0 will eventually turn into crew books, regardless of how much xp they have.((My thoughts: I think this is really good, I personally have a lot of extra crew members, especially now that crews can go into 3 tanks).

  • They will not be adding the ability to convert the crews into books, it will just eventually be done after a set amount of time. This is to prevent you from pumping all the books into 1-2 crews.(I think thats what it translated too)

  • (this one was tough to translate), Crew 2.0 isn't finished, or finalized, it's easier for them to start crew 2.0 over than to lose their players, but they will be working on crew 2.0, and releasing it at some point anyways.

  • Developers made it so instructors can't give you access to the ultimate abilities from the skill trees(like fighting spirit, team spirit), so even if an instructor would put one of your skill trees to 30 points, you still can't take the ultimate ability from it, unless you naturally put in 30 skill points.

  • Crews have to be retrained for new tanks because the game is a commercial project and the company must earn money. Therefor you must still retrain your crews for new tanks, and they must charge you a fee(credits/gold)

Edit 1: Spelling.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ot372e/wg_crew_20_developer_qa/

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