What’s being done in terms of RMT and cheaters

  1. BattlEye bans (a lot of them everyday, we are all together refining the system to ban them as fast as possible). From 12.6 patch start (from 28-th of May) almost 10 000 cheaters banned already. The situation is that most of the cheaters gets banned, it only a reason of time (which needs to be as soon as possible).
  2. We are making the report system ingame with a lot of additional stats gathering, this info will be used with BattlEye and it will not be one and only reason of ban.
  3. We are making additional countermeasures against cheaters on game servers (instakick, instaban).
  4. We are looking into 2FA SMS verification of accounts but it is not a simple task and it will not make the game cheater-free (cheaters, who pay 200 $ for a cheat will pay for another simcard or for a virtual simcard service easily). This will just make their life a little harder, but it's a good thing. Stop thinking that 2FA SMS is the only needed thing.
  5. Asian region lock was implemented long time ago, but cheaters can play on different regions with the help of VPN services. We are looking into partial ban of this services. Other than that we slowly decreasing ping limit – not only because of cheaters, but because of overall bad ping influence on the server/other player experience. Right now ping limit is 180, we plan to limit it to 150-160.
  6. We ban real money traders too, as well as RMT buyers. Planning a lot of things against them which I can't disclose.
  7. Many more things.

Unfortunately, some of past and upcoming measures can influence on the fair players, restrict them somehow. That's why it's not an easy and quick bunch of measures – it must be done properly.

It always been a highest priority!


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/gvx5t4/whats_being_done_in_terms_of_rmt_and_cheaters/

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