Why there should be an End Update

I really think there should be an End Update soon after the Caves and Cliffs. Maybe not like the 1.18 update or something, but maybe something like the 1.20 or 1.21 update.

There should be an End Update because the End is really barren and devoid of any mobs in addition to structures. This was the case for the Nether before 1.16, but now the Nether also has plenty of mobs and structures. Now though, the End is the only dimension that is utterly barren. You might be arguing though:

the End is supposed to be barren, because it is a space dimension

True. However, certain concessions from realism are needed. For instance, obsidian is really fragile and easy to break in real life, but in Minecraft, obsidian can only be mined with diamond or above pickaxe. In this case though, the End is an endgame dimension. You can't get to the End without the Overworld (strongholds) and the Nether (blaze rods for eyes of ender). Players also fight the Ender Dragon in the End. Endgame dimensions are supposed to be lively and full of life, in order to show a happy reward after the player kills the dragon, to encourage players to stay in an endgame dimension.

Now though, once a player gets the elytra, the End is really boring besides end cities, enderman, and chorus fruits. Barren. If you think there should be a barren or devoid dimension, I like the idea, but it shouldn't be the End dimension. Rather another dimension.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/lm6jh3/why_there_should_be_an_end_update/

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