Wiki updates regarding 12.6

Hello Escapers, it's the Wiki again !

With patch 12.6 upon us we'd like to take a moment to remind you of a few things regarding patch day.

As you know, the wiki is run by a community of volunteers. This isn't our job, we do not get paid for it and spend a lot of time on it !

Right now, there are roughly 7 active editors who all have jobs or schools to attend, and thus cannot spend as much time as they'd want on keeping the wiki up to date. This patch does not sound too important in terms of content, so the wiki should be updated quickly, but please bear with us in case of delays !

Despite being the Official wiki, we do not communicate directly with BSG and do not get information from them. The wiki is run by players like you, and depends on players to find new content and add it.

If you notice something is missing, feel free to add it yourself ! We monitor all edits and will make sure your edit:
* is correct
* respects our formatting
* is grammatically okay

So contribute without fear of breaking something or wasting our time ! Contributions are very welcome, and since we'll be busy updating the wiki, we won't be able to play the game for a little bit so you actually end up saving our time. We cannot update stuff that we haven’t encountered in-game. You’re going to see a bunch of missing pictures on the wiki. Guides for the new quests won't exist, or will be poorly written at first. We simply cannot guarantee the exactitude and correctness of our guides if us editors haven’t reached the point of getting that quest in-game.

You do not need to create an account to edit (even though it makes it easier for you and us to communicate), and you can ask us questions on our wiki profiles (for example, mine is here). If you have Discord, you can join us here and talk with us at anytime ! You can edit a few articles, and, if you like it, join us and talk with us to see if you want to become an editor !

Remember that the only OFFICIAL wiki is the Gamepedia one, located here:

Other wikis are not approved by BSG and are slower to update or do not provide valid information.

Enjoy the patch, and see you in raid !

— The Wiki Team


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