With some changes, this new mode should become permanent.

The Armed and Dangerous mode needs to become a permanent mode, but with a few changes:

—Allow all weapons, but only with level 1 attachments aside from gold weapons.

—Increase the loot spawn rate from -45% to -35% and balance the loot tables for additional weapons by further lowering the availability of larger backpacks, grenades, shield cells, and ultimate accelerants. In fact, remove larger backpacks all together. Everyone will have close to the same inventory space. Ultimate accelerants need to be very rare. Leave the heal spawn rate alone. All other tier attachments would remain available. Doesn’t make much sense to leave in place high tier backpacks while removing high tier armor.

—Leave the gold weapon spawn rate the same, but make one available for each weapon. That way there will only be a max of 1-2 gold weapons of each type across the entire map. Devs could guarantee one of each spawning and add two more that are random, or only make 7 or so available that randomly rotate. Either way as fine, but each weapon should have a gold variant in this mode only. If not, I guess we could keep the current rotating gold weapon thing they are already doing and just leave the spawn rate as high as it is now.

—Increase heavy ammo carry capacity to 30 per stack, light reduced to 30 per stack, shotgun reduced to 12 per stack, and energy to 15 per stack. Reduce carry capacity of grenades to 1 per stack. Having only level 1 backpacks would balance out these ammo changes. With so little health, grenade spam doesn’t need to be a thing. Also, this combined with having only level 1 backpacks will force players to choose between heals, ammo, and grenades more so than they already do. You will have to take down teams to resupply. No large backpacks full of grenades and tons of ammo/heals.

—I would also rather see a 2-4x digital threat for the g7 instead of the scope, or maybe just the 1x digital threat.

You can just call the mode “hardcore mode”. It will be the best mode in the game for practice and incredibly fun to play. Not only that, but reduced health will improve our overall server experience. When you don’t need to deal 200+ damage to enemies to down them, you’re less likely to have hit reg/netcode issues on these 40 hz servers because you’re uploading/downloading less data between host and client. That and you’re less likely to drop in, find a gun/white shield, and immediately run up against someone with purple armor. It balances the gameplay experience and rewards skill over luck. There’s still some luck involved of course, but at least if someone grabs a PK off the drop and has bad aim, you can beat the guy to death without having to go through 200 hp of health to do it.

You could also allow this mode for solos if they return, but I fear it may get a bit campy.

All in all, the recent update is wonderful. The ADS sensitivity sliders for all optics are a life saver for me. I can flick with high powered scopes like I’m playing Battlefield. It’s great. Auto sprint makes it where I can actually use the zoom function for scopes, where before using the autoexec file command took that away. And I don’t die from auto weapon swaps anymore.

However, I do wish Respawn would fix the reload cancel problem next. I’m tired of getting killed when I switch to a weapon that’s still in its reload animation. If I start reloading and immediately need to switch to my secondary and need to switch back to finish a kill, the ammo that was still in the mag should be there. The weapon shouldn’t still be stuck in the reload animation. This animation should be canceled with the switch.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/czpe0w/with_some_changes_this_new_mode_should_become/

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