20M + Robigo Mines Passenger Trips In 2021 (August)

O7 Commanders!

Recently I have been doing Robigo Mines passenger missions to grind some credits. I found this method online from posts that are years old, so I want to make an updated post about it to ensure other players that it still works in 2021. There are plenty of videos on this, I am making one clipped from my twitch stream last night and posting to YouTube soon, but I will just post the details and my findings here for others to read.

  1. Have a small or medium ship outfitted for passenger missions (as many passenger cabins as you can have). I recommend a Dolphin, Asp Explorer, or Python. (Data/results on these at the end)
  2. Robigo is the system you need to jump to, once there go to the outpost Robigo Mines. Remember, this is an outpost so no large ships, only small or medium.
  3. Select the passenger missions that are going to "Sirius Atmospherics". Many are going to the same place. I recommend mixing in reputation and credit missions as maxing out the reputation with the factions will give higher credit missions in the future.
  4. Take your wealthy passengers to Sothis A5 and the beacon "Sirius Atmospherics" just OUTSIDE the planet. (It might look like you need to land on first glance, but do not land on the planet. The beacon is orbiting the planet!)
  5. Take your passengers back to Robigo and then Robigo Mines and collect the major profits! (Data below from my many many trips)

Fine Details:

– Many passengers (if not all) are wanted criminals, so getting scanned can fail missions. It is extremely rare to get scanned, just go to the site and back and you'll be fine.- The "Loop" of these missions is ~60lys, so having 31+ Jump range means you can go there in 2 and back in 2 jumps. This is very hard to do without engineering. I settled for 3, and even 4 jumps per way in my testing.- The mission will highlight Sirius A5 as the location you need to go to, but its actually the beacon outside the planet called "Sirius Atmospherics"- Large ships (Orca, Beluga, Anaconda) can do these missions from the full station in Robigo (Hausers Reach I think its called), but it takes longer to get there after jumping into the system and landing/potential of getting scanned is more of a concern.

-Passenger Cabins don't need to be the best (First class) as there are many economy and business class passengers at Robigo Mines. Larger the better for cabins as there are some big groups going!


Asp Explorer: This was the first ship I did these missions on. It averaged me about 6 – 10 million per round. (This is before getting to allied with each faction). Without engineering I couldn't get my FSD to do the trip in less than 3 jumps so I could do about 5 of these trips an hour.

Dolphin: I switched to the dolphin after a while just for looks and wanting to try the First Class Cabins. Being a small ship it might be faster to dock at Robigo Mines as well (if playing with others and the medium bays are taken) I started kitting out the dolphin with no Fuel Scoop or Shields to try and get more passengers in, and this increased the number of passengers I could carry. I was able to consistently get 10M + on these missions, but also doing 3 jumps per way in the dolphin, no engineering.

Python: This is what I bought and kitted out on my Twitch stream last night to make these missions more lucrative! I was able to get 9 missions using this ship and like the dolphin I did this by removing shields and the fuel scoop. I did the loop twice on stream and the first time was able to get just under 25M (24.9M) in my first go. The second trip I was able to get 8 missions and earned just above 20M (20.1M). Unfortunately, using the python in this method I had to jump 4 times each way. Making this method the slowest, but most profitable. I can likely get this down to 3 jumps without any engineering.

Each of these ships can do the trip in 2 jumps with engineering, but I left this out for people who haven't done that yet.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any other suggestions! The video will be out on Youtube soon showing my last two missions in the Python from stream last night! 🙂

-CMDR Anthok o7

Edit: Adding this link to the aforementioned Video https://youtu.be/nUzgsJ0JXIE

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/p1qlnw/20m_robigo_mines_passenger_trips_in_2021_august/

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