Detailed ShiftNSeek guide! Rules, settings, explanations!

ShiftNSeek guide!

So I did a poll earlier today about ShiftNSeek, I found that a lot of redditors didn’t know what it was and some were interested in learning. It’s surprisingly popular in game, I always have a crowd who love this version so I wanted to share the fun! I made this guide to share on other sources and decided to share it here also 😀

What is ShiftNSeek?
~ShiftNSeek is a version of among us with different rules, enforced by hosts. The main objective is for the imposters to shift into who they’re going to kill before they kill them, the crew tries to finish tasks before everyone’s dead (same as a normal game.)

How to find a ShiftNSeek lobby?
~ Simply look for a lobby name of “ShiftNSeek” pretty self explanatory! Setting your lobby search settings to two imposters will give you a better chance of finding these lobbies since they’re typically played with two imposters. The Skeld and Polus maps are usually the most common maps for ShiftNSeek to be played in.

What are the imposter rules?
~Shift into the crewmate you want to kill before killing them. Using the “shapeshift” feature in the bottom right, (this only appears when you’re imposter.)

~No sabatoges, literally just forget the sabotage button is there in ShiftNSeek. ShiftNSeek rounds go fast when played right and sabatoging only slows everyone down.

~If you miskill, you unshift and stand on the body for 10seconds. A miskill is when the imposter kills someone they weren’t shifted into by accident.

~Can imposters vent? In my lobbies they’re allowed but some hosts don’t allow it, just check with the host but most of the time you should be fine!

To sum up the imposter rules-

SHIFTNSEEK IMPOSTER RULES! Imps-shift into who ur going to kill, no sabatoges, miskill=stand 10secs

What are the crew rules?
~ do tasks as fast as possible to win! Ghost crewmates need to finish their tasks too!

~ do not report!! It doesn’t matter if you know who the imposter is, just think of it like a race where you need to do tasks faster than the imposters can kill.

~everyone can vent because settings will be set so that everyone is engineer.

~ run if you see yourself chasing you, they’re coming to kill you! Or just yknow, stand there if death is your kinda thing

~ you can hide when done with tasks, or just run around like a maniac it really doesn’t matter.

To sum up crew rules-

SHIFTNSEEK CREW RULES! crew- do tasks to win, everyone can vent. DO NOT REPORT!

So those are the rules! Now I’ll give the settings needed to host a ShiftNSeek lobby…

⭐️= rules that must be set this way for the game to work well. Not starred can be adjusted as the host wishes, however these have been my personal best working combo of settings.

Imposters: 2

Confirm ejects (on)

Emergency meetings: 1

Anonymous votes (on)

⭐️Emergency cooldown: 60s

Discussion time: 0s

Voting time: 30s-60s

Player speed: 2x

Crew vision: 1.5x

Imposter vision: 1.5x

⭐️Kill cooldown: 10s

⭐️Kill distance (short)

⭐️Task bar updates (always)

Visual tasks (on)

Common tasks: 2

Long tasks: 1

Short tasks: 2

⭐️Scientist: 0 with 0% chance

⭐️Guardian angel: 5-8 with 100% chance
Adv. settings: Protect cooldown:35s
Protect duration: 15s

⭐️Engineer: 15 with 100% chance
Adv. settings: Vent cooldown: 5s
Max time in vent: 15s

⭐️Shapeshifter: 2 with 100% chance
Adv. settings: Duration: 30s
Cooldown: 10s

For hosts to explain rules to the lobby easily, I recommend making keyboard shortcuts in settings. You can find videos that explain how to do this! For example in my lobbies I can type “seek” and it automatically changes to “THIS IS SHIFTNSEEK! if you know the rules come to the bottom, if you need rules type R in the chat” this makes it really easy to give rules to the lobby!

That’s my guide! I hope it was helpful, and I hope maybe some more people will be interested in trying ShiftNSeek! Let me know if there’s anything I need to explain better or what you guys think of the guide!


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  • Katie 01.09.2022 in 19:15

    Yo this is my guide at least give credit but thx for sharing?

  • Katie 01.09.2022 in 19:17

    Forget my comment lol I missed the credit I’m so sorry! Thanks for sharing!

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